Destiny 2 is getting some quality of life upgrades for vendors

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Ada-1 and Banshee-44 are being tweaked

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As soon as both Destiny games launched, players managed to spy hundreds of potential quality of life upgrades in a matter of days.

While internal testing can’t match a wide rollout, Bungie has implemented some very questionable mechanics in their live service games; and either remain steadfast in their choices or (very) slowly adjust them. Vendors are getting just that as season 14 kicks off.

Detailing the alterations on their blog, Bungie notes that Destiny 2‘s Ada-1 will be headlining the transmog (change gear appearance) system, which is dubbed “Armor Synthesis.” Basically, Ada-1 will dish out a random combat style armor mod each day on top of a random armor mod. This system is to alleviate the FOMO from folks who missed out on Year 3 gear. Ada-1 also has a weekly table of armor and sells materials just like Banshee-44.

Speaking of, that little gun peddler won’t sell armor mods anymore, as that duty now falls on Ada-1. But now Banshee-44 is getting an upgrade by selling six weapons from the world loot pool with perk rolls. Basically, it’s another reason to actually check him out.

Adding more flavorful NPC vending options is a win for me. Often times going to the Tower feels like a chore, with rote vendors that don’t really pop, so hopefully Ada-1’s duties will make these necessary trips a little more fun. Cut down load times on current generation consoles already help a lot. I can remember lengthy multi-minute loads for Tower visits in the original Destiny!

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