Destiny 2 is adding a new difficulty to Nightfall Ordeals that turns them into mini-raids


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Destiny 2 continues to truck along with its Shadowkeep expansion season, which seems like it’ll last throughout the entire year until the next big change in the fall/winter.

As part of that “Year 4” update line, the next big change that’s coming to Destiny 2 mostly caters to the hardcore crowd: Grandmaster Ordeals. In case you forgot, Shadowkeep brought alterations to the previous Nightfall (hard dungeon runs that rotate on a weekly basis) formula. Ordeals added an interesting concept into the mix, allowing players to feel somewhat challenged without resorting to pumping up enemy stats in a boring way. Instead, Ordeals forced players to get out of their comfort zone and try new loadouts and strategies.

Well Bungie is adding to that formula with a new tier: the aforementioned Grandmaster difficult. The publisher calls it “significantly more challenging” than master difficulty, but also wants to harp on “builds, communication and execution” to keep the spirit of the Ordeals alive. Modifiers like Extinguish (a team wipe automatically boots you out of the Ordeal) and Limited Revives (share lives) will return.

The system will be implemented on April 21 as Bungie continues to work remotely, and will require a power level of 1025, but the recommended power level is actually 1050: as higher difficulty activities tend to skew. It all sounds good! Ordeals were one of the best parts of Shadowkeep so building on them makes sense.

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