Destiny 2 has something completely new planned for the fall

Comet’s coming

The original Destiny relied on its Taken King expansion — the official beginning of the second year of content — to reinvigorate the game. Developer Bungie significantly reworked nearly every aspect of Destiny to make it a better experience. The Taken King is often recognized as the exact moment when Destiny actually became the game it always should’ve been.

Dedicated players hope the same is true for Destiny 2‘s fall content. Despite being mere days from the launch of the Warmind add-on, the attention has already shifted toward September’s expansion. It’s named Comet and Activision is quick to sing its praises.

In an investors’ earnings call, Activision president and COO Collister Johnson said “But even more of what’s coming this fall into the innovations and gameplay there, including to what we think will be an incredibly engaging new mode, one that introduces a whole new style of play for first-person shooter gaming generally and certainly for the shooter space that Destiny created.”

The wording invites speculation as to what kind of game style (that probably already exists) might fit into the framework of a team shooter. A leading theory is that it’s randomized dungeons that are similar to Diablo III‘s Nephalem Rifts. (Also, that phrasing almost certainly means it’s not a battle royale mode, so Activision is likely to only chase that industry trend with Call of Duty.)

Comet‘s true nature will be revealed at E3, probably during PlayStation’s press conference. The new mode will steal the headlines. But players just want this to be a turning point for Destiny 2, a restructuring that makes the game worth sinking countless hours into. They want this to be a literal game-changer a la The Taken King. Hopefully history repeats itself.

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