Destiny 2 dev confirms Grimoire Cards won’t make an appearance

Reading’s for chumps anyway

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It sounds like Destiny‘s most annoying storytelling device, Grimoire Cards, won’t be included in its sequel.

According to a report on Forbes, Destiny 2 is ditching both the Grimoire Cards and a whole bunch of required, out-of-game reading for more conventional methods.

Bungie developer Steve Cotton told Forbes’ Erik Kain that the studio “[Wants] to put the lore in the game. We want people to be able to find the lore. All the story is told through the Adventures, it’s told through the characters in the world, it’s told through the campaign and it’s told through scannables you find throughout the world.”

Hearing that Bungie is ditching the Grimoire Cards is great news. One of Destiny‘s biggest faults was the fact that it was damn near impossible to know what was going on in the space shooter if you weren’t reading the cards outside of the game. Destiny 2‘s more “baked-in” approach to storytelling is just the kind of quality of life improvement I had hoped for in the sequel.

Destiny 2 will launch on PS4 and Xbox One in September, with a PC release sometime soon after that. Don’t get your hopes up for a Switch port, however, because that’s probably never coming.

Bungie Is Ditching Grimoire Cards In ‘Destiny 2’ [Forbes]

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