Destiny 1.1 patches exotics, resource collection

It’s good, but it needs more

After dragging its feet for a few months fixing guns that were basically broken at launch, Bungie has released one of the biggest updates yet for Destiny. A great deal of Exotic weapons have been overhauled and fixed, making them more unique and of course, actually potent in some cases.

But the biggest change has to be the new resource mechanic. Previously, players were expected to farm for resources to upgrade items. Now, they can get extra resources by completing a daily mission, completing a patrol bounty, and trading in Vanguard or Crucible seals for a stack of them.

Finally, to upgrade an Exotic to the maximum level, you’ll need a new resource called “Exotic Shards,” which can be obtained by breaking down an Exotic or buying one from Xur for 7 Strange Coins. These are pretty nice updates, but fail to address a number of other issues in the game — hopefully we’ll see some more patches soon.

As for what I’m doing, I still have a 30 Warlock, 30 Titan, and 28 Hunter, who is stuck without his last two pieces of raid gear. I stopped playing recently as I’ve been waiting for the expansion, which I’ll be covering next week.

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