Despite Jack’s opinion, video games make life just plain better

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Video games HELP people? No. It can’t be. Their only purpose is to dement and destroy the young minds of this generation! They’re merely a revolting celebration of violence, hatred and homosexuality! Kids are using video games as murder simulators to rehearse unspeakable acts of planned annihiliation! ZOMGGGGG!

Jack? Seriously? They make meds to control that condition. In fact, should you not have enough cash to spare, there’s also a bat to the forehead method avaliable to calm you right now. With stories like this popping up, it’s harder than ever to hear a mote of truth in the prattle of anti game enthusiasts.

It’s a thought provoking report on studies done on video games as a method of pain management, helping to provide relief to terminally ill children. Nintendo has played a key role in this project, donating Wiis to Hospital Fun Centers and funding the 5,000th Fun Center at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles in entirety. Ninty fanboys, cheer your freaking heads off, because for this, you really do have the right to. Causes like this and Child’s Play get my money and my admiration. After all, no one wants see a child with cancer cry.

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