Desperate Struggle details confirm, debunk and explain

If you’re not salivating over No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle then we can no longer be friends. I may be a little obsessed with Grasshopper Manufacture and Suda51’s games, but NMH 2 is looking exciting even if you don’t want to pick apart every aspect of Suda’s games. 1Up got some more time with Grasshopper and decided to break down some exciting new facts about the game for everyone. They did it in bullet points, but I like paragraphs so I’m rolling old school.

Most of the reveals were actually already known, we just get to know more. We knew that we’d be able to play as other characters (Henry and Shinobu), but we won’t get to choose to play as them. In parts of the story we’ll be put in their shoes for a few levels. Each character has their own unique moves and abilities, so they aren’t just skin clones either. More important is the confirmation of control styles. The game had been rumored to use Wii Motion Plus, but that seems to have been kicked out the door. Classic Controller gameplay is still in, however, and can be used for the entire game, not just the 2D retro game sections. The devs said they included this bit because of the large number of people in Japan who played Monster Hunter Tri with the classic controller instead of the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. I’m not sure how Monster Hunter Tri worked out, but I think that you’d be losing a lot if you went through NMH without motion controls.

Finally, they have confirmed that NMH 2 looks a whole lot better than the original game. Character models are better and so is the over all world. Hopefully, this isn’t Suda diverging from his artistic message in order to make a game that looks better. I seriously doubt it, and I’m also guessing that better graphics make most people more excited not less.

Here are some fun random facts they also learned:

  • “You hear the sound of Travis’ key ring when he walks. This is actually one of Suda-san’s habits as well.”
  • “Suda51 was not happy with the quality of the professional wrestling techniques created by animators, so he tried the actual moves and techniques on the animators.”
  • “Suda51 is crazy about cats. Travis has a cat in the game just because Suda-san wanted him to have one.”

Weren’t those both fun and random? Yea, I’m good at using adjectives.


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