Desperados III closed beta rides into town this month

Saddle up for your chance to get involved

Mimimi Productions and publisher THQ Nordic are set to hold a closed beta on upcoming sequel Desperados III. The beta, which will take place between July 9 and July 21, will afford the 500 selected players am opportunity to dive into a much more strategic wild west experience than most similarly-themed games offer.

Beta players will get the chance to experience a closed-to-finished build of Desperados III, while the developer will take the opportunity to gather feedback, check out stats, poke around for bugs, glitches and other such last minute changes. A strict NDA prohibits any form of streaming or sharing of screenshots and video from the beta period.

If you fancy throwing your name in the ten-gallon hat, then you can sign up for the opportunity to be one of the lucky 500 right here. For the rest of us, Desperados III hits the dusty trail on PS4, PC and Xbox One later this year.

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