Depth may finally be the shark game I’ve always wanted

Depth is an upcoming game being developed using Epic’s UDK toolset where underwater divers will be going up against sharks. The goal of the diver is to find and retrieve treasure while the goal of the shark is to prevent the divers from getting away with the treasure … BY EATING THEM!

Yes, you’ll actually be able to play as sharks. Each side has different strengths and weaknesses, in the same vein as the Splinter Cell multiplayer offerings. The really unique thing about the game is that sharks can’t just see like a human player. Sharks will have sonic vision where they can’t see divers unless they’re trashing wildly or if their losing blood in the water.

Check out the official Depth website to learn more about the game. You know for a fact I’m keeping a close eye on the project now!

[Thanks, Anthony Burch!]

Hamza Aziz