Depth celebrates Shark Week with free-to-play weekend

Free content update also available

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Depth, the terrifying underwater multiplayer game which pits sharks against divers, is rolling out a ton of neat stuff this week for Shark Week.

Beginning Thursday at 10:00am PT, Depth will be free to play on Steam for the weekend. It will also be on sale for 66% off for those who want to keep playing afterward.

Depth also received a free content update a few days ago, which added a new game mode called Hide & Seek and a new map called Stash, as well as some new weapon skins available as DLC. In Hide & Seek, a single shark player must hunt down the hiding divers. Every diver who is killed becomes a shark, until only one diver remains. It sounds fun, and Depth definitely needed some more modes. But unfortunately, for now the Hide & Seek mode is only available through private matches rather than matchmaking, so you’ll need to gather some friends if you want to try it out.

And finally, in case you missed it, a new shark was added last month: the thresher shark! Threshers happen to be my favorite sharks (their super long tails look so cool!), but they seem particularly difficult to use in Depth due to their poor thrashing power. Maybe I just need more practice.

I hope to see some of you in Depth this weekend. I’ll be the one stalking you as a mako shark or a hammerhead, so you better watch out!

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