Denis Dyack: I’m like, soooo controversial, man … radical

The infamous president of Silicon Knights, Denis Dyack, has been courting controversy for a while, ever since his first temper tantrum over Too Human. He’s blamed everyone and everything for his upcoming game’s failings, sued Epic, and placed bets with NeoGAF forum members. Is he controversial? We can think of a few other C-words to describe him (kidding, Mr. Dyack, sir).

“I’ve been told that I’m controversial so often, I guess it’s true,” Dyack has stated, with what one can only assume was a smug air of faux nonchalance. “‘Outspoken,’ ‘provocative’ … people come up and they say that quite often. It’s not an intention of mine but it seems to be the case.”

“… There’s a lot of potential negatives that come with speaking out. ‘Saying it like it is,’ I think, can be very, very difficult.”

Dyack compared what he does to seeing a mugger attacking someone and not turning away, claiming: “I guess I’m one of those people that cannot help not getting involved. I’ll get involved and I’ll do something … Maybe I’ll get shot one day. But if it’s the right thing to do, then I try to do that, and I guess that’s how I get coined as a controversial figure.”

It’s commendable to see a man take a stand, but there’s the right way of doing so, and the wrong way of doing so. Mr. Dyack — YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!

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