Deng Ai, Ma Dai, Sima Yi, Jiang Wei in Dynasty Warriors 7

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The latest Famitsu scans are in, and they bring glad tidings for Dynasty Warriors fans. As well as the reveal of Sima Yi, we have four all-new characters introduced to DW7, including one I’ve been itching to get for the past five years. Yep, Deng Ai has finally been confirmed!

Jiang Wei is coming back, which is great news for those who missed him in Dynasty Warriors 6, and Ma Dai is finally putting in an appearance. As if that wasn’t enough, Zhong Hui and Guo Huai (who looks like Dani Filth) have been revealed as members of Jin. Interestingly, Sima Yi has been clumped in with the Jin faction too. 

Looks like Dynasty Warriors 7 is really doing what it can to give fans some of the things they’ve been asking for. Now I’m off to high-five myself over Deng Ai’s inclusion … for hours

[Via Koei Warriors with thanks to CrimsonDragon]

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