Demon’s Souls’ servers aren’t live until game launch

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Do you have an early copy of Demon’s Souls? Been playing through it wondering what all the talk about the ghosts of other characters and unique online functionality is? You thought maybe at one point you saw a ghost trying to help you out, but it was really just a slight graphical bug. Well, there’s a reason for this. The servers won’t be going live until launch day, dummy!

Atlus wanted to get the word out in order to ensure that “there’s as little worry, panic, confusion, mass hysteria, riots in the streets, armaggeddons, etc… as possible.” It’s cause they care and your getting this news because Destructoid believes in “the more you know.” Who knows why you would have the game early (I know a few people that do), but you’ll just have to wait until next week when the game officially launches. Then you can start pulling your hair out from difficulty and dive into the co-op. Hopefully you will actually beat the game with the help (or hindrance) of other people’s ghostly memories.

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