Demon’s Souls Deluxe edition is pretty incredible

Well, let’s see, what do we know about Demon’s Souls so far: Atlus game, hard as hell (this should be a given from the first thing I listed), packed with extra goodies if you preorder it (also a given). Add to that list that if you order the Deluxe Edition, you apparently get even more: along with the embossed slipcase version of the game, a strategy game, an art book, and the soundtrack. Wow!

This edition goes for $69.99, which is not too bad considering it’s ten bucks more than the regular edition and comes with a ton of stuff. It comes out on October 6th, so not too much longer to wait. I haven’t decided on this one yet, as I’ve deeply backlogged with games I want to play right now. Are you picking it up, or does it sound too punishing for your tastes?

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