Demon’s Souls CONFIRMED for Europe!

European friends, rejoice! From Software’s beautiful and brutal action RPG Demon’s Souls has finally been confirmed for Europe. First discovered via Germany’s USK rating board, the release has been confirmed by European publisher Namco Bandai. Demon’s Souls is finally hitting the PAL region!

When contacted about the rating, Namco Bandai did not deny the truth, revealing that it will “make a full announcement tomorrow.” Absolutely fantastic. 

Demon’s Souls hit Japan and North America last year, where it became a cult success. We loved it and raved about it, but our poor European readers kept lamenting the fact that they had been ignored. Now, possibly due to the game’s surprising popularity, Namco Bandai has done a turn for justice and given European masochists what they deserve. Make no mistake, this game is what the term “hardcore” was invented for, and you are in for a real treat. 

Destructoid could not be happier to see Demon’s Souls get into the hands of more gamers. It is a very fine day indeed.

Namco Bandai “making full announcement” on Demon’s Souls Euro release tomorrow [VG247]

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