Dementium Redmoor Hospital arts and crafts festival!

You may remember back when I posted a couple of insane videos made by a man named Regie showing his love for the (Game)cock. I just got my hands on his latest piece based on Dementium and I think this one has to be my favorite. It was hard choosing this over the video where the bird gave a dude breasts, but I’ve always been a huge fan of reimaginations of scary monster turned into adorable and happy creatures.

Like last time, Regie explains how he created this piece, which is after the jump. More importantly, this further proves to me that he is indeed insane. And for that, I want to build him a shrine — Made out of Pop-Tarts.

One last thing before you hit the jump to read Regie’s diary; Gamecock and Renegade Kid are offering preorders through the Dementium Web site. If you order it through them, you won’t get charged tax or shipping!

“Art is the window to the Soul” –Theodore Huxtable

Dementium: The Ward is so twisted, so shockingly gruesome that I felt the ultimate way to channel its ghoulish esprit de zombie was to put to canvas that which could not be communicated through the human tongue.

FACT: Homemade amateur artwork is freaky.

SCARIER FACT: Homemade amateur artwork by crazy, homicidal maniacs is even freakier.

Not having any crazy homicidal maniac artists available for this project, I had to discover the monster within myself.

If you’re ever in a similar pickle, here’s what you do:

1)      Put one song on repeat. Turn it up really loud. Walk around for a couple of days with it in your headphones/ car/ home/ etc…

2)      Let days turn into years. Wander the earth. Let the ways of the world warp your spirit.

3)      Spend some time in the clink.

4)      Continue listening to that same song mentioned above.

5)      Over time, develop a bizarre world-view that may or may not be based on a Beatles song. (I found a Tiffany song that works just as well)

6)      Use your maniacal charm to grow a devout army of fellow drifters, rascals and fugitives.

7)      Start cult.

8)      Clear a proper workspace.

9)      You’re now ready to paint! You’ll be surprised with what you come up with.

Due to time-constraints I had to artificially hurry a few of those steps along. I was able to convince a couple of hitchhikers of my divinity but as soon as I went into the kitchen to make us some cocoa they clocked me with a fire poker and looted my home.

Perhaps an easier way to unleash your own devil is to pre-order Dementium at That way you support indie games, indie developers and nobody gets hurt.

One final note: Consider this dismaying observation: this article has no windows and no doors, which offers you this chilling challenge: To find a way out!

-by Regie Miller

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