Dementium II coming out in February with this freaky cover

Southpeak and Renegade Kid have unleashed the cover art for Dementium II. Needless to say, it’s freaky as f**k. It’s like the ultimate facepalm too. What’s worse is that the arm is pretty hairy. It’s almost as hairy as my arm, which is pretty hairy.

While the cover art is great, I’m growing impatient for some actual media on the game. We’ve only seen one screenshot so far and no video at all. We can at least let you know that Southpeak has exclusively told Destructoid — yes the Web site that you’re reading right now — that Dementium II will be coming out in February on the DS.

It’s a long wait until February but it’ll be worth the wait based on Renegade Kid’s track record with making awesome FPS games on the DS.

Hamza Aziz