Dementium developer wants your help

Renegade Kid are the guys behind the second best FPS on the Nintendo DS, Dementium: The Ward (the first being Metroid). For some reason a system that seems tailor made for some really great FPS gaming almost completely lacks it. Renegade Kid sees a problem with this. That’s probably why they put out Moon and are about to release Dementium II. However, they don’t just see the lack of FPSs on the systems as a problem, but the lack of original games on the DS in general.

Publishers don’t seem to agree with them, however. Jools Watsham, Renegade Kid’s lead designer, has been having some trouble getting a publisher for the company’s game ideas. It seems he’s basically been told that companies don’t want to take the risk on untested games that don’t have an established franchise or a movie tie-in. I can imagine that hearing that over and over again when you think you’ve got a great game idea on your hands can be immensely aggravating, and so Watsham has decided to do something about it.

In the above video he rambles on about trying to get a game developed and eventually comes to the point that he’d really love it if you helped support his company’s attempt to put out more original games on the DS. He wants to collect around 100,000 comments on the above video’s YouTube page so that he can show developers that people are actually interested in original IP on the DS. It seems a little desperate to me, but so far I’ve enjoyed both of Renegade Kid’s games so I want to see them make more, and thus I have commented. If you’re up for it head over and give them some support.

[Thanks, Nathan G.]

Matthew Razak