Delta H Con 2018 Cosplay Gallery

Hot Summer Con

It’s summer once again with the con season blazing in regards to the heat, especially in the southern part of the US but the cosplayers are looking cool over at this year’s Delta H Con in Houston, Texas. I’m back once again to check out some cosplay at the growing anime and gaming convention in one of the major cities in the country and I must say it’s getting bigger along with some impressive cosplay on display. It was quite a bit difficult to get a lot of pictures and video (incoming in a couple of days) with the sheer amount of people spread out all over the moderately sized venue.

The three-day anime and gaming event featured cosplay of all sorts of anime-related fun and more. Other fun stuff at Delta H featured cool stuff such as guests, panels, and other events which I will feature in an upcoming video that I will cobbling together for y’all’s viewing pleasure soon.

Check out some of the cosplay in the gallery!

Red Veron