Dell of all places might be your last chance for getting the NES Classic before Christmas

December 5

This is an odd tip, but a tip nonetheless.

The NES Classic Edition sold out basically everywhere online in minutes leading up to its launch last Friday, at which point, it sold out again in mere seconds after retail stores opened their doors. It’s a sad situation for everyone looking to get their hands on yet another Nintendo product that suffers from a shortage, but there’s likely going to be a few more bright spots before Christmas hits.

One of those places is Dell, which has provided a listing for the NES Classic that will go live on December 5. We’ve reached out for more details to see when the exact timing will be, but for now, get ready.

If you don’t have one don’t sweat it to much. This thing is well crafted, but mostly for hardcore collectors.

NES System Mini Classic Edition [Dell] Thanks Rob!

Chris Carter
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