Defenders of Ardania beta sign-ups open today

Defenders of Ardania is a tower defense-like game set in the world of the Majesty fantasty strategy universe. Except that instead just building defense, you also build an army for offense and use magic to obliterate your opponents.

What sets that apart from just plain old real-time strategy, you might ask? More towers, I guess. 24 kinds of towers in fact. And knowing the Majesty series, there will be plenty of fantasy parody with silly accents. Why don’t you let the guy in the video — a Paradox developer if ever I saw one — explain it to you?

There’s a closed beta for the PC version which you can sign up for right here before April 11th, and if you are selected you’ll receive a confirmation email on April 15th. Defenders of Ardania will be released on PC, PSN, XBLA and iPad in Q3 2011, and check below for a gameplay trailer.

Maurice Tan