Def Leppard to debut new single in three song Guitar Hero III DLC pack

When rockers Def Leppard ran their mouths on Rockline about having three songs in Guitar Hero IV, perhaps they were a bit confused. What they meant to say was “Three of our songs will be available as downloadable content for Guitar Hero III,” but since the aging rockers probably have no idea what that means, figured it was an entirely new game.

It’s now been revealed that a three-song Def Leppard pack for Guitar Hero III will be available for download on April 24 in the United States, and May 8 in the United Kingdom. The pack will feature the band’s new single “Nine Lives” (which, quite randomly, features country singer Tim McGraw) before it hits retail and online. The pack will also feature two Def Leppard classics, “Rock of Ages” and “Photograph.” (These are the real reasons you’ll want to shell out the dough.) There is currently no word on pricing, but we assume it will be in line with previous Guitar Hero III DLC packs.

This is the first time any band has used videogame downloadable content as a way to getting their new music out first. Harmonix had hinted at this in the past, even insinuating that new Metallica material may appear as DLC before it was available elsewhere. This has yet to come to pass, and now Guitar Hero III has Def Leppard and Journey. The rock is strong with Activision, indeed.

[Via Def Leppard UK]

Nick Chester