Deep Silver is most likely publishing Bloodstained

It’d fall in line with Mighty No. 9

[Update: Doug Wolf, the attorney of record, called us back and confirmed that he filed the trademark on behalf of Koch Media. It looks like this rumor pans out, although Deep Silver has yet to respond.]

When Koji Igarashi announced a Kickstarter for Bloodstained, he asked for $500,000. It’s going to cost more than that to make the game, however. His team stated up-front that the title was 90 percent publisher-funded, and he was looking to his audience to make up that last fraction.

While it was initially a mystery as to who picked up Bloodstained, all signs point to Deep Silver/Koch Media being the publisher. The Germany-based company seems to have recently had a trademark filed in the United States bearing the game’s name. If this trademark turns out to be authentic, it’s likely that Deep Silver owns the rights to the franchise. 

However, these things have a tendency to turn up false on occasion. We’ve reached out to both Deep Silver and the attorney of record to see if they can confirm its authenticity. We’ll update this post when/if either get back to us.

Bloodstained [USPTO via NeoGAF]

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