Deep Down isn’t the only PS4 game Capcom is working on

‘I?m sure you all will be surprised’

Capcom producer Jun Takeuchi (Resident Evil 5, Lost Planet) told Famitsu in an interview (via Game Johou) that the game he is currently producing is for the PlayStation 4 (and not Deep Down, which we’ve been assured will still come out). 

As far as the quality of the game I’m currently working on goes, I’m sure you all will be surprised,” Takeuchi said. He noted that there would be an announcement soon, “Not only domestically, but we’re making it into something that will turn plenty of heads if we were to release it in the foreign market as well.”

Unsure that Capcom has the capacity to excite me anymore, but hopefully it’s cool (unlike Resident Evil 5 and Lost Planet). 

Resident Evil 5 And Lost Planet Producer To Announce A New PS4 Title By Capcom [Siliconera]

Steven Hansen