DED launches the Hydrophobia Listening Post

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I have to give Dark Energy Digital props on one thing — they know how to milk a controversy for PR gains. After becoming famous for refusing to accept criticism, the developers of Hydrophobia are making a huge deal out of the fact they “listen” to criticism, and it’s come to a head with a new scheme — the Listening Post.

According to DED, the Listening Post lets you rate every individual feature of Hydrophobia Pure, and also vote for more features they’d like to be able to review. Dark Energy will use this “democratic” criticism to influence its future development. 

“We believe there should be a two way relationship between developer and players,” stated joint creative director Pete Jones, “and as such we are committed to continuing the philosophy of collecting and acting upon your feedback to our games.”

Like I said, you have to give props for the expert milking.

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