Decksplash is a messy competitive skateboarding game

I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and gind

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Bossa Studios is best known for making games where slippery physics are a feature, not a failure. The I Am Bread developer has a knack for taking a simple premise and turning it into a game that plays like a digital slapstick comedy.

The studio’s next game, Decksplash, trades limb-flailing gameplay for competitive fingerboarding. 

Decksplash meshes the colorful chaos of Splatoon’s paintball battles with the gravity-defying spins of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Two three-player teams duke it out in a skatepark arena, spreading paint by flipping, grinding, and chaining together combos.

The trailer paints the game as a blend of THPS’s Graffiti multiplayer mode and Splatoon’s signature Turf War fights. It looks colorful and a bit more controlled than Bossa Studio’s previous efforts. Maybe skateboarding requires more precision than performing surgery? 

Despite riding a skateboard for over a decade, I’ve never participated in a paint ‘n’ skate battle. I don’t know whether I’m missing out or if Bossa Studios is just ahead of the curve when it comes to skating trends. We’ll find out more as the Decksplash rolls towards a release later this year.

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