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Ubisoft is jumping on the Christmas gaming event bandwagon by giving players the chance to earn some festive gear in Rainbow Six Siege. From the looks of it, this all involves using Uplay’s built-in challenge system to fill in some progress bars and earn XP on your Uplay account. I bet you didn’t know that was even a thing, did you? Turns out I’m level 31 on Uplay, so I’m doing okay so far.

None of the items up for grabs are guns or DLC (or anything really worthwhile), so there shouldn’t be any claims of pay-to-win going on. I’m really curious what a “Tactical Santa” looks like, but I’m mostly wondering why a SWAT team would bother with outfitting itself for the holiday. I guess you have to take down terrorists in style, otherwise it just feels like work.

Christmas Challenge

12/20 – 12/27

  • Challenges: Do 10 kills with gadgets/melee – Reward: Sneaky Santa Charm
  • Challenges: Do 20 kills with gadgets/melee – Reward: Tactical Santa Charm
  • Challenges: Do 30 kills with gadgets/melee – Reward: Christmas Pattern 1

New Year’s Eve Challenge

12/27 – 1/3

  • Challenges: MVP with 4000 Score – Reward: Disco Ball Charm

Rainbow Six Anniversary Challenges 

12/20 – 12/27

  • Challenges: Win 10 rounds with GIGN Operators – Reward: Twitch’s Shock Drone charm

12/27 – 1/3

  • Challenges: Win 10 rounds with FBI SWAT Operators – Reward: Castle’s Icon charm

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Launches Christmas Event [WWG]

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