Deck 13 tells us how awesome Venetica’s Scarlett is

Venetica is looking like a pretty rad RPG experience, and I’m really looking forward to giving it a go. It’s a unique game set in Venice and starring a woman called Scarlett, who finds out she is the daughter of Death himself. While chatting to creative director Jan Klose, I asked exactly what kind of heroine Scarlett would be. He answered, because he’s polite like that.

“We put much emphasis on a strong and unique character with lots of different facets,” he tells us. “In the beginning, Scarlett thinks that she is an ordinary woman but that changes when her heritage becomes apparent, and enemies she did not know of attack her home and her world is turned upside down. Or, in Scarlett’s own words, ‘My adolescent view onto this world has vanished, since that dreadful midsummer night tore apart all that was dear to me.’

“As the game progresses, the player can shape the way Scarlett grows. She needs to accept her role as the daughter of Death and as the only one who can recreate the balance of powers. This is her final goal, but how she gets there is up to the player to decide. He can play heroic or villainous, keep his promises or betray people. This will shape Scarlett’s character and also influence the ending of the game.”

I never knew before now that players could choose what kind of character Scarlett is. Just goes to show you how little coverage there is of this game. Very odd indeed, considering it’s looking more and more promising the more I hear about it. We’ll have some more Venetica stories coming soon, so you better get interested!

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