Atelier horror title Decarnation looks like a Lynchian nightmare

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As part of yesterday’s Future Games Show presentation, Shiro Unlimited released a new trailer for its gooey psychological horror title Decarnation — In addition, the publisher announced that the title will launch on PC and Nintendo Switch at some point this coming May.

Described as an “intensely emotional story unfolding in a malignant, elaborate setting”, Decarnation uses lo-fi visuals to tell the tale of a Parisian cabaret dancer, Gloria, who is struggling to find her big break, held back by a litany of problems related to her life and career. When a seemingly can’t-miss opportunity comes her way, Gloria finally realizes that this could be her chance to pull the fraying ends of her life together. But the human mind does not always allow for the best-laid plans, and Gloria’s spiraling emotions may be about to manifest themselves very real-world nightmares.

Decarnation will blend dramatic role-playing elements with puzzle action and elements of survival to create a uniquely creepy, brain-bending experience. With clear stylistic influences coming from the works of directors such as Satoshi Kon and David Lynch, as well as the familiar trappings of the giallo genre, Decarnation doesn’t look like it will be standard “OMG Zombies!” horror title — instead reaching a little deeper into the darkness of the human soul, as it twists and bends to deal with the realities of the living, and unloving world.

I’m keeping several eyes on this… including the ones growing out of my arms.

Decarnation launches this May on Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam).

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