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Decarnation launches May 31, includes music by Akira Yamaoka

Here comes some fleshy storytelling and music

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Shiro Unlimited has announced that Atelier QDB developed horror narrative game, Decarnation, is launching on May 31, 2023. Beyond that, they have announced that legendary composer, Akira Yamaoka, is contributing 10 pieces to the soundtrack.

Described as a story-rich horror adventure game, Decarnation stars a cabaret dancer, Gloria. Her whole life is taking a dive when a mysterious benefactor taps her for an “artistic endeavor.” The press release states that there are 15 types of gameplay within, including puzzles and mini-games “accounting for real-life situations (performing a cabaret show on stage) or metaphorical ones.” Underlying this are survival horror conventions, tying it together.

The story takes cues from David Lynch and Satoshi Kon. It should be trippy. Or, at the very least, fleshy. The aesthetic looks absolutely delightful.

Akira Yamaoka is the fashionable composer behind Silent Hill and about a million other games (Smart Ball, really?) He’s one of those composers you may have actually heard the name of because he’s touched all sorts of greats. I’m not sure if 10 tracks is going to be a lot or a little of Decarnation’s soundtrack, but that’s pretty cool.

Unrelated aside, Akira Yamaoka was selling his guitar for charity some years back. And my father came so close to buying it. Or at least bidding on it. Someone may have wanted more. I just would have loved to play that guitar.

Decarnation launches May 31, 2023. It will be initially released on Switch and PC.

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