Deca Sports trailer looks eerily similar to that other Wii casual sports game

Hey, remember that casual game for the Wii? The one with all the sports in it that was being published by Hudson Entertainment, of Bomberman Live fame? You know, the one whose name you helped pick? Well, the game was officially announced as Deca Sports at the outset of 2008, but mum’s been the word since then.

Now, we’ve finally got some game footage in the form of a two-minute trailer, which you can view above. Deca Sports will have quite the array of games from around the world: beach volleyball, “snowboard cross”, badminton, basketball, curling, figure skating, archery, “super cross” (motocross), soccer, and kart racing. It will probably also have you wildly flailing your arms like a fool in the comfort of your living room. And while we’re here, I’d like to quote one of our dedicated tipsters, Jonathan Ross: “I want to stab whoever wrote the song.” I agree, buddy…I agree.

While the trailer evokes those happy-go-lucky images of a Wii game being played by kids and grownups alike — images we’re all familiar with from Nintendo’s own ad campaigns — the variety of sports is obviously a trump card for Hudson. However, there’s a considerable danger that the developers will overextend themselves. It’s hard enough to make a game based on one sport; if Hudson can pull off a ten-sport video game, they’ll certainly have my respect — and possibly a good amount of sales as well.

Deca Sports will hit store shelves on May 20th.

Samit Sarkar