Debut trailer for The Incredible Hulk plus two new gameplay vids for Iron Man

HULK SMASH! HULK DESTROY! HULK PETS PUPPY! The debut trailer for The Incredible Hulk doesn’t look that bad. It reminds me a lot of the last Hulk game, which was great. Hopefully the game turns out like it or even better than Ultimate Destruction.

The trailer shows off the Hulk doing what he does best as he destroys everything that gets in his way. At least one thing is for sure now, it can’t be anywhere as bad as the original Hulk game that came out. I’m sure a lot of you out there are hoping this will live up to Ultimate Destruction.

Hit the jump for two new Iron Man videos. 

Gametrailers also snagged a couple of exclusive Iron Man videos from their visit with SEGA. In this first one above, we get to see a detailed look at Iron Man’s combat system while in air and on land.

The air combat looks simply amazing to me. The ground fighting though, looks really mehtastic. Just something about how he moves on the ground looks really off to me. I do really like how Iron Man is able to catch missles automatically and throw them right back. 

In the second video, we catch a glimpse at some of the games story line. Watching this second video has also made me realize that the game has a very God of War feel to it with the on screen prompts. 

So what are your first impressions on the Hulk trailer? Think it will live up to Ultimate Destruction or is it going to fall short? And what about Iron Man? I have high hopes for that one.  

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