Debunk: No, GameStop WON’T sell the NGP for $1,000

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GameStop has started to take preorders for the freshly revealed PSP successor, codenamed the Next Generation Portable. However, some people have gotten their panties in a bunch over the price estimate, which lists the console for a whopping $999.99. 

Is this an indication that the system will carry an outrageous price tag, the likes of which we’ve never seen? Is somebody at GameStop having an evil joke at our expense? That’s what it seems to suggest to the untrained eye, but it’s actually less sinister than that. 

GameStop tentatively prices all newly announced systems at $999.99. This was explained to me a while ago, when my preorder for the Nintendo 3DS carried that exact same price. This is just precautionary on the part of GameStop, to make sure the cost is covered. It’s a huge estimate, but there’s no room for undercharging with a price that steep. 

So, please calm down if you see this reported anywhere. The NGP won’t cost $1,000 … that is, until Sony says it will.

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