DeathSpank trailers confirm that yes, Monkey Island meets Diablo is a good idea

When Hothead Games announced that Monkey Island designer Ron Gilbert had joined their team as Creative Director, we were already sold on their new game, DeathSpank. Our own Chad Concelmo questioned whether the game — described as “Monkey Island meets Diablo” — could be “the greatest thing in the history of things.”

Hothead were at Penny Arcade Expo last week, obviously pimping Penny Arcade Adventures, but also to tease the “coming soonerish” DeathSpank. As these new trailers indicate, the meshing of Monkey Island and Diablo could very well be the best thing ever. Humor and violence — does it ever get old, really? 

Two more trailers after the jump, detailing armor (the Nippley Manglebrak!) and items (the Thong of Justice!).



Nick Chester