Death Stranding’s photo mode looks extensive in this Kojima clip

Kojima Productions showed off a few examples

I didn’t think I’d entertain the idea of playing Death Stranding again so soon on PC, but now that details are coming out for the enhanced port, well, here I am. Hideo Kojima shared footage of the new-for-PC photo mode, and it looks extensive, to say the least. I already know a few vistas I want to revisit.

As shown in this Twitter clip, Death Stranding‘s photo mode has a lot of customization options.

You can alter Sam’s pose, expression, and eyeline. You can even remove him from your scene altogether if you’d rather focus entirely on the desolate world’s natural beauty. We’ll also have depth-of-field, focus, aperture, contrast, and exposure settings to tinker with, among others. Filters, too!

I love and support any game that incorporates a photo mode, but there’s something about Death Stranding, in particular, that captivates me. It’s a contemplative game. Photo-taking seems like a natural extension of this one-step-at-a-time experience, not an after-the-fact add-on (even though it is!).

Death Stranding‘s PC release is set for June 2, 2020. I hope the PS4 version gets a photo mode too.

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