Death Stranding would make one hell of a PS1 game

‘Please insert disc 4’

Demakes are great! Not only do they end up becoming fun projects in their own right when they’re occasionally made playable, but they also serve as a reminder of where we came from. A Hideo Kojima games are rife for this sort of treatment.

YouTube channel Bearly Regal did just that for Death Stranding, using assets like the Final Fantasy VII menu screen sounds alongside of music from the various reveals and loading screen concepts from the Resident Evil series. The result is a lot of walking and gathering, because after all, we still don’t know a lot about Death Stranding yet, but this checks out in terms of fitting into Kojima’s wheelhouse.

Although some folks are claiming that it’s a little too good looking for a PS1 game in some areas, I think they did a pretty decent job of capturing the melancholy of that era.

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