Death Stranding launches November 8, watch the new 9-minute trailer

Kojima strikes again

Anyone who was hoping for some clarity coming out of today’s Death Stranding reveal is going to end up (predictably) disappointed. Hideo Kojima’s newest trailer is just as confusing as everything else we’ve seen.

Some choice cuts: A fetus life vest, a plague of dying birds, undead World War I soldiers, phantom warriors who are rain-averse, a cancer-stricken president. None of these make sense on their own, let alone as interconnected thematic elements.

But, we’ll have to have faith that Hideo Kojima can make it work. He’s built a career on it. Death Stranding is seemingly more off the rails than anything in Kojima’s past. At a minimum, it’s very stylish at all times. (Also, how neat is that impromptu ladder mechanic?)

We’ll find out what it amounts to later this year. Death Stranding is set for a November 8, 2019 launch exclusively on PlayStation 4. 

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