Death Stranding 2 has officially been revealed

Death Stranding 2

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Another strand game is finally on the way. Kojima Productions officially unveiled Death Stranding 2 at The Game Awards 2022 tonight.

Studio head Hideo Kojima took to the stage tonight to introduce the project, a sequel to 2019’s Death Stranding. The trailer featured several familiar faces, including Norman Reedus as Sam Bridges and Léa Seydoux as Fragile.

As for what’s happening in the trailer? I couldn’t tell you if I tried. But really, that’s the appeal of Death Stranding to begin with, and Death Stranding is carrying on the bizarre, vague trailer tradition.

Not many more details have been revealed just yet. As is the case with a Kojima trailer, I’m sure eagle-eyed viewers will pick the video apart for hints and clues about what’s going on, and what’s transpired in the dystopian American future of Death Stranding leading into Death Stranding 2.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter