Death Mark is the latest PS Vita horror adventure

From the studio behind Stranger of Sword City

That teaser video for Shiin, a PlayStation Vita game from Stranger of Sword City developer Experience Inc., piqued my interest. It’s a treat to see new Vita games rolling out, and this is a horror title, at that. Win-win! In the days since the initial tease, details and screenshots have come out from Famitsu.

Shiin, or Death Mark, isn’t a dungeon-crawler like the studio’s prior work. Instead, it’s a horror adventure in which folks are mysteriously marked, “literally like a birthmark,” and “those who possess the ‘mark’ will die,” according to Gematsu. These poor souls are invited to a mansion with a talking doll (sure, why not?), and as a middle-aged amnesiac with the mark, you’ll seek answers and salvation.

I’ve got Rocky Horror on my mind now, but never mind that. Death Mark is due out in Japan this summer. As for the creepy, face-distorted, whatever-the-heck-that-is up on the top left, we don’t talk about that.

『死印』プレイヤーに深い恐怖を与える謎と狂気に満ち溢れたホラーゲームが登場 [Famitsu via Gematsu]

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