Dear THQ: We covet your Darksiders cloth map

I’ve been itching to play THQ’s Darksiders: Wrath of War for an incredibly long time now. In fact, I was supposed to be previewing the thing in LA several months ago before the event was postponed and never re-booked. Then I find out that MTV Multiplayer not only got to play it, but also got its talons on a proper nerdy cloth map.

The inclusion of a cloth map will jerk the nostalgic collar of many an Ultima fan, and is in keeping with the old school vibe that Darksiders is hoping to radiate. The game is being described as “Zelda for grown-ups” by THQ’s marketing folk, and so far I’ve seen nothing about the game that doesn’t appeal to me. The only thing I’m hacked off about is the fact that I don’t have a cloth map.

Since whining about not getting free stuff on the Destructoid frontpage has worked in the past, I am fully expecting to having a piece of clot with nonsensical crap scrawled over it in my mailbox tomorrow. If not, I will firebomb THQ’s office. I know where it is, and I make good on my promises if I’ve had too much whisky.

Which I shall.  

Jim Sterling