Dear moron who tattooed a PS3 logo on his arm …

Dear moron,

Thank you for providing a snapshot of stupidity for the gaming public, something we can use as a visual representation of purest idiocy. Before, we could only use metaphors to describe the imbecilic way in which people align themselves with a particular games machine, but now we have you. 

Also, you do realize that as happy as you may be about having “PS3” tattooed on your arm right now, you are going to feel like a complete and utter penis when the PlayStation 4 is released, right? I mean, seriously, people are going to laugh at you even more than they do now.  I know how you will answer this, because you’ve already preempted me in your video chronicling this rampant act of foolishness:

“How is this really any different from any other tattoo people get done? It’s my life, my choice. and I find people hating me for doing something that effects them in no way at all. i think that says a lot about the society we currently live in.”

Let me answer, because it’s Saturday morning, and there’s nothing else to do. Firstly, it’s different from other tattooes in that it will upset you in about ten years’ time when the PS3 is but an afterthought. Also I don’t hate you, I applaud you. What you have done says a lot about the society we currently live in. Also also aaaalso, that “it’s my life,” crap is something hippies say to make themselves feel better about being hippies. Thank you for encapsulating it perfectly.

Oh, and the tattoo looks rubbish as well.

Jim Sterling