Deals blog: Pretty sure you can’t crash this riculously tiny drone

Seriously, just click a button and you’re flying – stop crashing drones, dude

You’re the kind of person who drops irreplaceable heirloom china every family get together, and your longest tenured pet was a goldfish, right? You probably think you shouldn’t go anywhere near drones, and for the most part, you’re probably right. The JetJat Ultra Nano Drone, however, is different. This is one toy you can play with and not destroy within seconds, and it’s available now in the Destructoid Store for $99.99.

The JetJat might seem expensive at first, but when you realize the functionality it has, it seems like a bargain. You can take off, maintain altitude, and land the it with literally a single button. Once you’re flying, you’ve got three speed modes to choose from, and you can attach your smartphone to the controller to live-stream everything. And yes, that includes flips, trips, and other aerials. The JetJat has all the perks of a full-sized drone at a fraction of the cost and associated risk. If you still manage to crash it, don’t worry, it comes with four extra propellers to get right back at it.

Spread your wings and fly, Butterfingers. Get the JetJat Ultra Nano Drone in the Destructoid Store for $99.99.


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