Deals blog: Ever see a speaker go white-water rafting?

Feel free to test the underwater audio when you fall in, too

If I could only bring one thing to a desert island, it would be a water desalinization plant, my Dunkin’ Donuts, a flint, someone to talk at, and the waterproof, shockproof HomeSpot Bluetooth speaker. Yeah, that’s more than one thing, but when would I ever voluntarily be going to a desert island and only bringing one thing? Stupid questions get smart answers.

For real though, the HomeSpot is awesome. It provides a perfect soundtrack for camping, swimming, rafting, climbing, splitting coconuts, and pretty much any other activity you’d be doing while marooned on an island. Not that you would be, but who knows. The best part is I got ‘em to knock down the price from $79.99 down to $29.99 for Destructoid readers.

This speaker’s completely weatherproof, deflecting dust, dirt, and water, and it’s coated with a rubberized surface that makes it shockproof, too. And yes, it does have the sound to match, with two high performance 6W acoustic drivers and a passive bass subwoofer. You can even use it as a lifeline, presuming somebody loves you enough to call you during your missing period, thanks to a built-in noise-canceling speakerphone for calls.

Oh yeah, it works just as well indoors too. I’ve got the HomeSpot in the Destructoid Store now, so grab yours for $29.99 and free U.S. shipping.

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