Deal: Rocket League bundle now available with eight DLC packs

What a save!

Still on the sideline looking to get subbed onto Rocket League? Wait no more as Bundle Stars has started up a week-long sale to give you that extra nudge.

Until next Tuesday, you can pick up Rocket League for a cheap $13.39 or the game with nine DLC packs for only $27.99. While Bundle Stars usually does multiple tiers for its bundle, this one for Rocket League is straightforward: grab the base game or chose the bundle with almost all of the DLC.

  • Rocket League Bundle (Steam) — $13.39 – $27.99
  • $13.39 for Rocket League, $27.99 for Rocket League + 8 DLC packs

The nine DLC packs included are:

  • Aftershock DLC
  • Marauder DLC
  • Esper DLC
  • Masamune DLC
  • Chaos Run DLC Pack
  • Back to the Future Car Pack DLC
  • Revenge of the Battle-Cars DLC Pack
  • Supersonic Fury DLC Pack

“Missing” DLC packs are the Justice League and NBA Pack and two AquaDome-specific cars: the Triton and the Proteus. If you bought the eight add-ons above separately, it would come out to be $22. With the base game at list price, you’re looking at a total price of $42. So at $28 for the bundle, this is a 33% savings. Not too shabby.

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