Deal: PlayStation 4 with extra controller for $299

Gotta move ’em out before September 7

And thus begins the PlayStation 4 deals bonanza as retailers and secondary distributors work to clear out inventory. Earlier today a new eBay deal cropped up on the standard PS4 500GB console. For the price of three sheets of Benjamin, you too can be the proud owner of a soon-to-be outdated gaming machine.

Huh. That sounded better in our head.

Thrown in as an incentive beyond the price drop is an extra DualShock 4 controller, which looks to also be refreshed in the near future too.

As mentioned, this deal showed up this morning at 8:30am Pacific. In the first two hours about 45 units have sold. As of writing we’re looking at about 140 units sold. That’s a fairly good clip with a total of 1,000 units available on this offer. It’ll probably be around for a few days, but as word spreads sales could pick up.

This is one of the best offers on a PlayStation 4 so far in 2016. Last week, for instance, Groupon had a refurbished PlayStation 4 for $299.99 while today you’re getting a brand new unit for the same price and a bonus controller that’s worth about $45.

Standard shipping is free in the continental US. For much of the country if you order now, you’ll get the console by September 8, or seven-business-day shipping. There are options for expedited shipping, but we advise against it since you’ll raise the price by at least $22, negating much of the savings you’re netting in this bundle.