Deal of the day: Dump your cable provider with SelectTV for $24/year

Pay $24 for access to thousands of shows and movies

All relationships take work, but some aren’t worth it. Take your cable company for instance. I’ve been there—spending hours exchanging whispers of “hidden fees” and “why the @$&#*! is HBO not in my package” long into the night. It’s enough to make me (or you) consider SelectTV.

What is SelectTV, you ask? Only the most mind-blowingly expansive and gargantuan entertainment library that cable companies hope you never find out about. I didn’t just pull out a thesaurus to pull your finger here, let’s run down the numbers shall we? I’m talking access to:

  • 300,000+ TV episodes (almost all free, Time Warner can go shove it!)

  • 200,000 movies (can you even watch even 1% of these a year?)

  • 5,000 channels (that’s 4,990 more channels than I have fingers!)

50,000 world radio stations (do you need to take a seat yet?)

I didn’t even get to the best part. A year’s subscription is now $24. A three-year subscription is now $49. How ridic is that? Especially considering a basic package from your friendly local neighborhood cable company is often $30 monthly equating to $360 yearly?

If you haven’t terminated the torturous experiment that your cable contract, I suggest you do just that. And if you need any more convincing, consider that you’ll also get access to the newest box office hits with SelectTV’s Pay Per View option. And if you need any more convincing beyond that, I have nothing more to say to you.

End the madness and plug into sweet, unadulterated entertainment bliss for a fraction of the price you’re shelling out for cable. Check out SelectTV (and soon, because the deal ends October 31!)—grab a one-year subscription for $24 or three years for $49.

This deal was originally priced wrong. Thanks to B-Radicate f

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