Deal North: Cheap PS3 RPGs

RPGs are my thing, and there’s a lot of good ones out there for the PlayStation 3. Now, paying $60 is not my thing. Back in the day, I used to drop the cash required for a new RPG on release date, every time. Then I’d let the game(s) gather dust while I struggled to finish the ones I bought earlier. Experience has taught me to wait until they go on sale or become a Greatest Hits selection. I wish I could have told the old me about all of this.

Hopefully you didn’t take as long to learn this role-playing game lesson as I did. If you already follow this method, here are some good sale prices/Greatest Hits on PS3 RPGs at A quick Amazon search should bring up all of the following titles. You’ll find that the sale titles are from 20 to almost 50 percent off.

  • Demon’s Souls Greatest Hits for $29.96
  • Resonance of Fate for $39.74
  • Disgaea 3 for $21.48
  • Cross Edge for $27.49
  • Final Fantasy XIII for $33.32
  • Eternal Sonata for $20.51
  • Valkyria Chronicles for $29.20
  • White Knight Chronicles International for $39.80

Don’t fall into that RPG buying trap with these good prices! Pace yourself.

Dale North