Deal: HP 15t Power Laptop is a decent gaming machine for only $650

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Thinking about picking up a new gaming laptop but can’t shell out a cool thousand? HP is offering more of a selection these days for budget gamers, particularly now that the company has finalized its corporate split (long story short, the consumer computer arm has more freedom to innovate).

Released in 2017, HP’s 15.6-inch Pavilion 15t Power Laptop was always meant to be a budget gaming device, but at the $850 list price, it had strong competition. Dell’s Inspiron 15 line with a similar GTX 1050 graphics card matched it in list price (and when on sale is easily $100 cheaper), while Lenovo’s Y700 series is comparable in cost and performance. Things are different this weekend with HP slashing prices by up to $200 on its Power Laptops.

Now priced at $650, we’re fairly confident this is one of the cheapest 7th Gen Quad-Core Kaby Lake-equipped laptops on the market with a decent discrete GPU option along with a Full HD IPS panel. Paired with a GTX 10 Series GPU, you’ll essentially be able rock almost all modern games at decent frame rates. Comparable 15-inch laptop deals for the week are priced at least $735 or more if you go with other manufacturers.

HP Pavilion Power Laptops Deals

If you need a slightly larger screen size, you can bump up to the 17.3-inch HP 17t Power Laptop. This machine is identical other than the screen size and expanded keyboard space allowing for a number pad. The price isn’t as low, and comes in at $730, which is still cheaper than competing 15.6-inch gaming laptops with similar specs. (Note: It does come with an optical drive option whereas the 15t does not include one.)

The savings on the HP 15t and 17t Power laptops have only a limited run. They go through this Saturday, March 18. (Update: Looks like its still going for a week.)

As a reference point, we’ve rounded up six other gaming laptop deals being offered this week and you’ll be able to see that in either of the HP machines, you’re getting quite a bit of bang for your buck.

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