Deal alert: New PlayStation 4 for $280 on eBay Deals

Head-turning deal

Deal alert for those looking to pick up a PlayStation 4 — particularly a new-in-box unit. eBay Deals has brand new PS4 on sale for only $280. It’s plain vanilla original packaging without any games bundled in. The console is selling at a good clip as the deal is already nearly 100 units sold when we spotted the listing less than 10 minutes ago.

For those wondering about the “Original Packaging” wording on the listing, this is because the seller also has “Brown/White Box” PS4s on sale — hence the different verbiage. For extra clarification, the deal is listed as a new, never-opened unit in its original box with all accessories (yes, including those awful mono headsets).

We have no quantity notice from eBay on this deal, but we suspect the PlayStation 4 will sell out fairly quick at this price range. Will the Neo make an appearance later this year? Will there be more PS4 holiday bundles? If you start seeing us posting more PS4 deals (like those flurry of Xbox One deals in the past few months), you’ll have a pretty good hint that something may be coming in the near future.