Deal: 60% off Grand Theft Auto V for PC until tomorrow (Update: back again)

Finally more than half-off

It’s 2017 and Grand Theft Auto V is somehow still above the $20 price tag for the PC digital copy. Unlike other triple-A titles that have long since descended into the $5 bargain bin price during seasonal sales, GTA V chugs on — partly due to GTA Online.

If you still don’t have the game in your library, until tomorrow we’re actually spotting the lowest price to date for the Rockstar Social PC digital copy of GTA V. At $23.99, it’s currently 60% off.

For those planning to go wild in GTA Online, the pricier bundles with Shark Cash Cards are also on sale, with the popular Great White bundle at $30 (60% off); Whale Bundle at $35 (64% off); and finally the giant Megalodon Bundle at $43 (68% off).

Before you scoff at the Megalodon deal, note that Rockstar used to sell the Megalodon Shark Cash Cards for $100 each — and it’s always a top seller whenever new content for GTA Online is released. Cash cow indeed.

Update 2/14/17: The deals are back again albeit at a slightly higher price point. Deals will run until February 16 at 12pm EST for this current round. Prices updated below.

GTA V Shark Card Bundle Deals

Note: All deals above expire tomorrow morning at 11AM EST.

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